Apr 1, 2007

This is Headline News?

Ex-Aide Details a Loss of Faith in the President
The chief 2004 campaign strategist for President Bush said he was disappointed with Mr. Bush’s leadership, becoming the first member of an inner circle to break so publicly with the president.
Oh No, say it aint so! Someone is "disappointed" with Dubya and his leadership? Here's a Newsflash for ya, so are like 65% of the American People according to the latest Polls! I suppose since this guy Dowd is a member of the "inner circle" this makes his opinion much more important than "We the People's ."
When will The Whitehouse wake the fuck up and see that we are sick of Dubya and his cronies? Probably never, since it really doesn't matter to a lame duck President what we think. Let's just hope that history tells the truth, and doesn't repeat with some other idiot voted in for the next four years in '08.

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