Apr 4, 2007

A Must Join Community!

Some of you may know the Digital-Nomad as he has become quite a familiar face all over the Internet. Well the other day he told me about a new Community. A really great Community I think you, my readers here will really love!
I have become addicted to it after only one day of joining and being there. Ok, I confess, I have spent about 90% of my day there!
This great new Community is called Link and Blog Challenge.
What is Link & Blog Challenge, and how can it benefit you as a blogger?
Link and Blog Challenge provides fun and interactive challenges to assist you with developing link popularity for your blogs, and fresh inspiration for your post content! Link exchange is based on keywords or key phrases, creating the exchange within relevant post content. This is the most powerful linking strategy providing the greatest rewards for SEO (search engine optimization).
I strongly reccommend that you come and join this Community, you will have a ton of fun completeing the "challenges" I completed two of them today and had to really get my brain in gear for one of them. It is great for someone who might be suffering a bit from "writer's block" and is a rich resource for establishing those important "back links."
Please go and check this Community out, it is much more goal-oriented than most of the other Communities out there!

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Digital Nomad said...

Thanks for the mention, Carol. I will challenge you again tomorrow.

Carol said...

Great! I'll be looking forward to it.