Apr 5, 2007

My life is murphy's law

My life is murphy's law
by Ev Nucci
My mother always said "the best laid plans of mice and men often goes astray." Hearing those words 8,199 times, I am convinced that every single time my life falls apart....my mother is up in heaven clicking her heels with the likes of Bing Crosby, Jimmy Hendrix, and the Grateful Dead just laughing her ass off!
Every once in a while I come across a Site that I like so well that I write about it here. A kind of Review, if you will. I love this Site.
Here is a woman that places something like this on her sidebar: About Me
Ev Nucci
I have 3 sons, two very bright and one was born with congenital heart and lung disease. This blog is devoted to SARCASTIC HUMOR and to write sarcasm into stories about my life. We fought with Doctors because they wanted to pull my son off of life support..and took him all over the world to keep him alive. Then fought the educational system because they were convinced he was retarded. I had A CHOICE...BE A WIMP...OR BECOME ONE TOUGH COOKIE. I don't tolerate cowardly behavior, ignorance, or pacificism. Courage in the face of crowds can be a tough thing to do. But its why my son is alive and can speak like a normal person. If you are sensitive to a STRONG woman, that's your problem. Walk a mile in my shoes to see and feel the pain and hatefulness of a son who is made fun of because he's different or never invited to other's homes. If you are sensitive to what I write...don't visit. This is sarcastic humor...and my release for the frustrations we deal with in having a son with special needs.
What more can be said about a woman who just puts herself out there for all to see. She is true to her word too. She writes with complete sarcasm, total irreverence and biting humor! You HAVE to go read her. I guarantee that you will be laughing until you have tears in your eyes when you do.
When you're done there why not go and check out her other Site too:
3 Legs 2 Dimensions
Photography for humor & fun. Clueless mechanically. Technologically challenged.
This is like taking an online vacation for the brain!

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