Apr 9, 2007

This is an Attainable Goal For This Little Boy!

Boy do I feel like an idiot for spouting off about instant gratification after reading this over at:
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Little Boy Has a Dream
I was watching the news last night, and a story pulled at my heart strings.It was a story of a little boy who has a dream. Now all little boys and girls have dreams, as do all grown boys and girls. We all dream, it’s in our DNA.
This little boy’s dream is to be in the Guinness world book of records. “Who doesn’t”, I thought to myself as I watched the news story unfold. What makes this dream special, is the little boy has A.L.L. (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)
Shane Bernier, aged 7 has a goal. Shane wants to set a world record for the most number of Birthday cards cards received! His Birthday is May 30th.
What makes this story so poignant for me is that earlier today I was “tagged” by a friend in the blogosphere who requested that I share 5 of my ‘over the top’ goals I had for my life.
None of my goals I had listed can compare to Shane’s one goal. So I would like to add 1 more goal onto my list. And that is to help Shane reach his goal.
If anybody cares to read this boy’s story, click here.
Let's help Vice and this little boy reach this goal!

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