Apr 4, 2007

Your Last Breath

While our attention is drawn momentarily to the end of life, our contemplations serve to point out that we are masters of our own perspective and, consequently, our own existence. There is nothing preventing us from shifting our focus right now as we imagine we will in our final moments. We can choose to spend more of our time and energy on what gives our lives meaning. We can spend more time with loved ones and do more of what we enjoy. Doing so may not always prove easy, and there will inevitably be times when circumstances interfere with our resolution, yet we do not have to regard this as an indication that our priorities are not in alignment with who we really are.
Sometimes the only way we can see the beauty of life is to remind ourselves that it is finite. Gandhi said, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow." His words are a potent reminder that living life more fully is not about pushing ourselves harder or shouldering more burdens, but about experiencing all the wonderful richness life has to offer.
What would you be thinking about if you were taking your last breath?

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TOM said...

I'm hoping it will be something nice!! I am definitely a "Live for today" kinda guy (-:

Carol said...

Hi Tom,
I think that's kinda the whole point. Living for today and not worrying about the trivial little things that will not matter in the end. Priorities get screwed up sometimes for me!