May 6, 2007

What kind of Guy is Bush anyway?

Once again, George W opened his mouth and all sorts of funny, confusing, idiotic stuff came flying out.

I’m still not sure if he’s “A” commander guy, or “The” commander guy, but does it really make any difference after all? I mean listening to this so-called Yale graduate string two sentences together is as painful as chewing on a ball of tin foil. So it makes no difference to me what he calls himself, because it’s usually confusing not only to us, but him as well.

I can only wonder what the history books will say about George W. Bush. Let’s take a few wild guesses, shall we?

George W. Bush….

“A” President, or “The” President?

“A” War Mongerer, or “The” War Mongerer?

“A” incompetent President, or “The” incompetent President?

Or my personal favorite: “A” bad President, or “The” bad President?

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