May 7, 2007

Wolfowitz’s world is crumbling

Well, it’s official, not like any of us expected a different outcome, as Paul Wolfowitz was found guilty by a panel of his peers that he was in the wrong when he arranged a healthy pay raise for his girlfriend at the World Bank.

Not only was Wolfowitz found guilty of breaching his obligations, but his top communications aide, Kevin Kellems resigned after the findings stating “the current environment surrounding the leadership” at the bank made it “very difficult to be effective in helping to advance the mission of the institution,” as his reason. In his written statement, he also said that he had “tremendous respect and admiration” for the bank’s staff, but made no mention of his boss, Mr. Wolfowitz.

So I’m not sure how much more cut and dried it has to be before Wolfowitz gets the hint that he is no longer welcome to head the World Bank. Any normal person would resign immediately and try to salvage any remnants of dignity left.

I also wonder what will come out of the Bush camp regarding the findings of Wolfowitz’s wrong doing. Will George still support Paul? Only time will tell, but I’m waiting with baited breath to hear what he has to say!

NY Times Story Here

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Don Thieme said...

Oddly enough, Wolfowitz has received from support from African leaders and from the former UN ambassador Andrew Young in his bid to stay on as World Bank president. They like his efforts to use the World Bank's leverage to stamp out corruption in developing countries, even though he does not appear to have kept his own house in order in that regard.