Jun 18, 2007

Michael Moore's "Sicko" Is on Now

Watch this Video before someone pulls it off!


sorry everyone - but it's gone now.

Pirated `Sicko' Turns Up on the Internet
Michael Moore's `Sicko' Turns Up on the Internet 2 Weeks Before Documentary's Release

Link to download this movie - sicko

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bobbarama said...

I got to it too late. Looks like it's down or been removed. Good to have you back.


Don Thieme said...

Thank you so much for posting the link. That was powerful. I hope that it stays up!

Carol said...

Hi Bob,
Yep it is gone now. I am sorry you didn't get to see it. It was somethng like two and a half hours long and appeared to be fairly interesting and well balanced. I didn't get to watch the whole movie though.
Thanks for the welcome back, it's nice to be back.

Carol said...

Hi don,
Sorry but they found it out and pulled it. Did you get to watch any of it?