Jun 19, 2007

When will it end?

Military Strikes Insurgents’ Positions East of Baghdad

This is not a "War on Terror." It is a crime agains humanity in my view of it!

The United States does not have the right, wisdom or power to invade and occupy another country, still less an ancient civilization, with the ultimate purpose of redirecting that nation and its civilization. Such a mission will never result in any kind of victory, only the morally toxic political and humanitarian catastrophes we are witnessing and, if allowed to continue, crimes not soon forgotten or forgiven. (Stephen F. Cohen)

Now we have 10,000 Troops going on the offensive and nothing will change because of that except more people will die and be wounded. The "Terrorists" will simply move their camps to another location.

This is a War that will never end as long as we continue to stay where we are not wanted.

It is said America must "stay the course" because it has a "moral obligation" to the Iraqi people. But given the horrors unleashed on those people since the US invasion, the only moral course is withdrawal, along with a pledge to help fund the country's reconstruction--a promise still unfulfilled despite $30 billion to $45 billion purportedly spent--if Iraq at last has an effective and peaceful government.
It is true that an upsurge of violence may occur when the United States departs, but that will be so whether the departure is sooner or later, the essential difference being that many more people--Americans and Iraqis--will die in the interim.
In reality, widespread killing in Iraq will never end until the US-led occupation ends and one side or the other in the civil war, deprived of foreign occupiers to provide resources or incite more enemies, finally prevails or both settle for a compromise. The Iraqi people seem to agree. In surveys taken last year, large majorities favored an immediate US withdrawal; and nearly 80 percent believed it would reduce the violence in their country. (Stephen F. Cohen)

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