Jun 5, 2007

The New Assault on Al Gore

I hear that Gore is being trashed again by the powers that be both within the Government and in the Press. In my view of it, this means that once again he has struck a nerve and people are pissed. Since they can't quite find fault with his work, they would rather trash his personality as well as the person himself.

The New Assault on Al Gore
By Robert Parry

Like addicts who can't shake a bad habit, the Washington insider clique is trashing Al Gore again, this time over his new book, The Assault on Reason. The U.S. news media, led by the nation's prestige newspapers, mocked Gore during Campaign 2000 when he presented himself as better qualified than George W. Bush and ridiculed him in 2002 when he warned against the Iraq War. Now, commentators are reprising one of their favorite themes, that Al Gore is a know-it-all. June 5, 2007

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