Jun 5, 2007

About Pay Per Post

While I am not crazy about putting ads on blogs, it appears that this is one way for Blogger's to earn money with their Blogs. I don't particularly like using this Blog to write ads and reviews but I do like the opportunity that Pay Per Post has made available to me as a way to earn some much needed income.
I am not very experienced in blog marketing so Pay Per Post is one way for me to earn until I become more savvy.
To date I have earned close to one hundred dollars and that is with just eight Posts. I hope all of you who are interested in generating and online income have gone and signed up with them.
I can tell you that it is not difficult to do and doesn't take a whole lot of time to choose an opportunity to write about.
I have done some research in this area and so far, I like Pay Per Post the best. I would encourage you to check them out and join if you haven't already.
Another positive for Pay Per Post is that they take less of your money then some of the other Sites that I have researched do, which means more goes to you and who doesn't like more money in their pocket?

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