Aug 28, 2007

Fired attorney: Rove, Gonzales resignations 'absolutely linked'

Of course they are "linked" any moron could see this! Who wouldn't rather quit then face the Congressional investigators closing in on their suspected roles in the attorney-firing scandal?
The Justice Department has no credibility, The Bush Administration is a sinking ship - even though Bush himself doesn't appear to notice or care for that matter.
None of it really matters thought because nothing changes - if nothing changes.

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Shinade said...

No surprise to me whatsoever....I just think they should all be tried for their crimes against America and and all of humankind. Not to get off subject or anything...but please drop by and pick up your golden rose and the key to my heart which you won ages ago!! Thanks for all of your support,prayers and hard work....:)Jackie

Carol said...

Thanks Jackie I have 'picked up' my rose.
I don't think the truth of this Administration is going to come out anytime soon...if ever!