Aug 28, 2007


Habeas Corpus
habeas corpus n. Law A writ issued to bring a party before a court to prevent unlawful restraint.
The basic premise behind habeas corpus is that you cannot be held against your will without just cause. To put it another way, you cannot be jailed if there are no charges against you. If you are being held, and you demand it, the courts must issue a writ or habeas corpus, which forces those holding you to answer as to why. If there is no good or compelling reason, the court must set you free. It is important to note that of all the civil liberties we take for granted today as a part of the Bill of Rights, the importance of habeas corpus is illustrated by the fact that it was the sole liberty thought important enough to be included in the original text of the Constitution.
Unless of course you are Alberto Gonzales and then “There is no expressed grant of habeas in the Constitution,” Gonzales told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Jan. 18. He did acknowledge, however, that there was “a prohibition against taking it away.”
(sigh) Just reminicing about why Gonzales never should have been appointed in the first place.
Perhaps the next Attorney General will actually be versed in law.....

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Anon-Paranoid said...

Our Country died the day the Military Commissions Act of 2007 was passed and signed into law before the 2006 elections.

America was the Constitution and when they stripped Habeas Corpus out of it they killed America.

When they changed the Constitution they changed what America was founded on and it not only destroyed America, but is also destroyed the Constitution.

Everyone who voted for the MCA of 2007 betrayed their Country and are in my eyes Traitors and War Criminals who need to be tried and executed as soon as possible.

I am an enemy combatant because of this and I despise every single one on those who destroyed Our Country.

May they all rot in Hell forever.

God Bless.

Carol said...

Hello Anon-Paranoid,
You comment alot here and I appreciate all your well-thought out and insightful commenting. I agree with what you say and I too wish what you say about this Country having been so weakend by The Bush Administration's raping of our Constitution but what's worse is the apathy of the citizens of the United States.

Anon-Paranoid said...

The citizens as you refer to them feel that if it don't have anything to do with or about me why worry or be concerned.

This is the trouble we face now and they are no different then the Good Germans who thought their leader Adolph Hitler was a great leader who would make Germany Great once again.

When they finally woke up it was too late. And like Bush they wanted to sit and have a beer with their fearless leader Adolph.

So what we now see is the results of the apathy you speak of.

How sad that we have become what he once professed to hate.

God Bless.