Aug 8, 2007

Shout Out to Dan's Blah Blah Blog!

I have just added this Blog to my Technorati Favorites. I am a new reader of this Blog and this guy is just so hilarious. I just read a Post on there entitiled Taking the Cat to the Vet and Supernatural Oregon and I am still laughing.
So if you are in need of some good, entertaining reading or just some light-hearted fun, go pay a visit to Dan's Blah, Blah Blog.
Let me know how you enjoyed it!

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Ian said...

Brilliant, cats and cat carriers do not mix.
Thanks for the link Carol.

Carol said...

You are most welcome Ian, I hope you had as good a laugh as I did :)

Dan said...

Carol, you're a sweetheart! Thanks for the shout-out!


Carol said...

Hi Dan,
It is I who thank you for your wonderful and warm style.