Jan 18, 2008

This is Outrageous!

WTF is wrong with Bill O'Reilly? Who the hell does he think he is? This guy needs to be thrown off the air for being such an asshole!

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Saboma said...

The knucklehead gets paid big bucks to be an asshole, kiddo. He laughs all the way to the bank because he is an attraction for FauxNews viewers interests. He's an entertainer although a bad entertainer and if you ask me, I'll tell you just like I posted to an online petition about him.

"If O'Reilly ever misses a stroke, he'll break his arm."

I ain't kiddin', either. It's the Truth!

Carol said...

You said that?! OMG~
He is just mean and I don't care if he's paid to 'entertain' that way. The man is an asshole.
Says alot about the state of things if he is entertaining....

Rybu said...

You'll like this. Go to youtube and search for "Bill O'reilly inside edition". Thinkings about him as a tabloid reporter brings a smile to my face!

Saboma said...

"Says alot about the state of things if he is entertaining.."

That's just one reason why I threw my TV out years ago, Dearie. People will believe most anything just for the 'entertainment' value.

He's more than a asshole and he's laughing all the way to the bank for being as asshole. He's also going to break his arm if he ever misses a stroke.

Shinade said...

He's just another loud mouth jerk that unfortunately for us native born Texans comes from my home state.

Shesshhhhh....all he needs to do his take a drive donw I35 in Austin and he will find them almost on every corner in the state capitol...Austin.

Jerk.........Off....OMG...did I really say that? Oh yes I did and I mean it too:)

Carol said...

Jackie and Saboma you two are baaaaad! LOL!

John Brown said...

O'Reilly, I think is actually from Long Island, NY.

He is disgusting on a million different levels.

More disturbing to me? The millions of people who actually enjoy him (and agree with him).

John Brown

Carol said...

Hi John,
I sgree with you on all points.
Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time for a much appreciated comment.