Jan 18, 2008

State of California Investigating Dr. Phil

A complaint has been filed against Dr. Phil with the California Board of Psychology.

The complaint reportedly accuses Dr. Phil McGraw of practicing without a license when he visited Britney Spears at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after her meltdown earlier this month, according to TMZ.com.

Dr. Phil is also accused of violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The complaint alleges Dr. Phil practiced clinical psychology without a license and further violated doctor-patient privilege by discussing the pop star's case with the media.

Dr. Phil has never been licensed to practice in California, and he is no longer licensed in his home state of Texas.

McGraw failed to complete the conditions imposed as disciplinary sanctions by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists in 1989.

At that time a former therapy client had filed a complaint against him, claiming their relationship was inappropriate.

McGraw later admitted giving her a job but denied touching her.

Soon after he was officially reprimanded, McGraw closed his private practice.

Interestingly enough this controversy around Dr. Phil got me thinking about Oprah's credibility in light of her backing of Dr. Phil and her obvious love for Tom Cruise, I mean she looks like she's ready to...well you know, whenever she sees him. She's also backing Obama (there's a surprise).

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Shinade said...

Good for California...it's about time that someone knocked him down a peg or two. Oh dear doesn't the truth always hurt?

I already knew about the Texas incident ions ago.

And, as for Oprah...well, no comment except to say....I think you might just be right!!

Oh well eventually all queens either die or lose their reign.

Carol said...

That's true Jackie. I hadn't known about the Texas thing he always comes across as such a family kind of guy. Never know what goes on behind closed doors :P