Jan 14, 2008

Bothersome Intel on Iran

In public, President Bush has been careful to reassure Israel and other allies that he still sees Iran as a threat, while not disavowing his administration's recent National Intelligence Estimate. That NIE, made public Dec. 3, embarrassed the administration by concluding that Tehran had halted its weapons program in 2003, which seemed to undermine years of bellicose rhetoric from Bush and other senior officials about Iran's nuclear ambitions.
But in private conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert last week, the president all but disowned the document, said a senior administration official who accompanied Bush on his six-nation trip to the Mideast. "He told the Israelis that he can't control what the intelligence community says, but that [the NIE's] conclusions don't reflect his own views" about Iran's nuclear-weapons program, said the official, who would discuss intelligence matters only on the condition of anonymity.

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The NIE's conclusions don't reflect his "own views?" What the hell is this supposed to mean?
Just like the Iraq Study Group where they recommended a radically different approach from President Bush's current policy, including the withdrawal of most U.S. combat troops by early 2008.
Why bother to have reports and studies done at all if they are just going to be ignored by King-George?
Bush said they knew that Iran had nuclear weapons, that Iran was about to start World War III. Bush knows this is a lie and has known for sure since Dec. 3,2007.
He lied about Iraq having WMD's, he was willing to murder on a monumental scale -as evidenced by the continuing war in Iraq.
In my view of "It" Bush is trying to lie us into another war with Iran and it doesn't appear that he is going to let up on his warmongering any time soon.
This is nothing but more of the same bullshit that he said about Iraq.

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ROTUS said...

The best comment I have hear on this went something like, "The Bush administration thinks it's so smart it doesn't need intelligence."

Carol said...

That's too funny and sadly too true.
How great that you stopped in, good to see you!