Jan 15, 2008

War of Words - Tom Cruise

Interview with Morton - video

Scientology: Blackmailing Celebrities to control them

Church of Scientology Home

Based on Cruise's erratic and crazy behavior these past several years, I would have to question what kind of hold Scientology has on him. He lives and breathes his faith and this makes him a dangerous influence on his fans.

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Anonymous said...

I find Cruise and Scientology a bit disturbing. They are like a cult but a powerful and well connected one. The media is so protective of him.

It's good that Nicole Kidman is now free from their grip. Here's an interesting globe and mail article about how the U.S. media is giving the author a hard time. Here's the interview with the author:

I was watching evening news tonight and I can see anger in the announcer eyes when she says I don't think that book is going to be a best seller. Cruise definitely have strong hold on people here.

Shinade said...

I didn't know much about Scientology until pam my oldest did a little research.

Apparently they have some strange belief in aliens and all sorts of wierd stuff.

I have to agree with you on this one Carol. Cruise is weird and also a dangerous influence to our young. Unfortunately he has a talent for choosing and making movies that do just that. He targets a very young audience. From the teens through the mid-twenty generation.

This is not a good thing as we all know that at this age many are seeking something to hold onto.

But, I truly believe in my old teachings from Polotics 101 concerning the pendulum theory. It always swings back the other way eventually. We can hope and pray that his influence will soon fade away.
Great Post Carol,