Jan 10, 2008

Bush: End 'occupation' of Arab lands

He made a point of using a loaded term — occupation — to describe Israeli control over land that would eventually form the bulk of an independent Palestinian state. That he did so in Jerusalem underscored that he is trying not to seem partial to Israel.

On borders, Bush said “any agreement will require adjustments” to the lines drawn for Israel in the late 1940s. He was referring to Israeli neighborhoods on disputed lands that Israel would keep when an independent Palestinian state is formed

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Ted said...

I wonder how long before the White House issues a statement saying his use of the word "occupied" was incorrect.

If they don't, it will be a major hit against Israel.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4371

Carol said...

Yeah Ted,
The man fancies himself a negotiater or mediator. I think he sounds like a bully who thinks he own the world.