Jan 10, 2008

Bloggers form theory New Hampshire vote was rigged

Well, I suppose it was just a matter of time before someone, somewhere came up with this accusation...

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Related: New Docs: Exec at NH's Diebold Vote Counting Firm Convicted of Narcotics Trafficking

Does the Secretary of State of New Hampshire have any idea that a key executive in the private firm that programs and "counts" 80% of the state's ballots on hackable, error-prone Diebold voting machines is a convicted narcotics trafficker?
In 1990, Ken Hajjar, the Director of Sales and Marketing for LHS Associates, and childhood friend of company owner John Silvestro, was arrested and pled guilty to charges which earned him a 12 month sentence, according to documents received via a public records request and posted this evening at BlackBoxVoting.org.

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1 comment:

Ted said...

I saw one blog where it said the people in New Hampshire were racist.

I think Hillary won because she appealed to the people more.

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