Jan 24, 2008

Iraq Wants US Out

BAGHDAD - The United States and Iraq will soon begin negotiating a power shift for U.S. forces, nearly five years after they invaded Iraq and installed a new government, Iraqi and U.S. officials told NBC News on Thursday.
Iraq wants us to essentially be comfined to bases with limited freedom of movement.
Iraq appears to be concerned with the continued violent confrontations eith Al-Qaida and other radical Muslim militias on the part of the US.
Who can blame them? We have been over there five years devastating their country.

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Ted said...

They may take a back seat to the Iraqi army but I doubt the US will ever leave Iraq. I think they had hoped that Iraq would become the "Israel" of the gulf, and America would be loved there.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4392

Shinade said...

Wow how I do so hope this is true. But, as have told you before.

Bill has already been informed that he will be goingback after this tour is over.

So now I wonder just where they are going to send our guys next.

Renato de Trindade said...

Hi Carol! I'm here to leave a litlle message for you! Sorry, It is not a comment, because I think that my English is not very good to do it. Well... Finally I voted your site on "myfuelblog" and added you as a friend! All the best my dear friend! Hope you enjoying your weekend! I love your site, but unfortunatelly I admit that I don't understand all the words here. I am studing hard alone for this. Take care always! Your Brazilian Friend from Blogging to Fame, Renato de Trindade

Carol said...

Hi Ted,
I would say that US is most defenitely not loved in Iraq :P
Hey Jackie,
I wouldn't be surprised if Iran is next. Hopefully not for Bill though :(
Hey Renalto,
How great to see you here! I added you back on fuel my Blog. Your English is coming along nicely I bet. Hope to see you again soon :)

grottynosh said...

Hi Carol,
For as long as Bush is there things really won't improve...the man is hell bent on Iran now....he needs to be shot!

You've been TAGGED...it's an easy one though :)
Have a great weekend my dear friend

Carol said...

Hey Colin,
I couldn't have said it better myself!
I have joined with you in this Meme.

Thanks for thinking of me my friend :)