Jan 24, 2008

Holy Shit This is Unbelievable!

Homeland security is one of the hottest issues in this year's presidential election, the candidates sparring daily over who is best qualified to protect the nation against terrorist threats.
Meanwhile, Leah Beaulieu is busy educating the next generation of security experts. Beaulieu teaches the nation's first homeland security high school program at Joppatowne High School in Joppa, Md.

I actually thought this was a joke when my friend Saboma sent this to me in an email. I wrote her back and told her she was a nut!
To my dismay this is actually true. This is what we want our kids to learn in School?
What do you think about this? I think it's pretty f@$#d up! Is this Education or Indoctrination?
ABC has actually reported on this Here

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