Jan 8, 2008

The REAL FACE of the EUROPEAN UNION in 10 Minutes

In 'my view of it' this brings us closer to a "New World Order" with too much emphasis on a few rich and powerful people having control over the rest of us.

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Jos said...

Dear Carol, this video is total cr*p. I'm sorry, but it really is! This is an anti-European UK propaganda video like I never seen one!
Already in the beginning it goes wrong. There will not be One Nation called Europe. And, for example, the "one Flag" the guy mentions, was absolutely vetoed. And I could go on and on about the things that are "demonstrated" in this video. Believe me, it is made to win voters for anti-Europe right-wing nationalist parties in the UK.

Carol said...

Hi Jos,
I totally respect your opinion and agree to disagree on this subject.