Jan 8, 2008

Who's Provoking Who?

WASHINGTON — Just hours before President Bush was to begin his trip to the Middle East, he sharply criticized Iran on Tuesday for fomenting “a dangerous situation” in an incident over the weekend in the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.
Asked whether he thought the Iranians were trying to provoke a fight with the United States by having several of their vessels confront American craft, the president said the Iranians had engaged in “a provocative act.”
“It is a dangerous situation, and they should not have done it, pure and simple,” Mr. Bush said in a brief question-and-answer session in the Rose Garden. “I don’t know what their thinking was, but I’m telling you what I think it was.”

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Thanks to Ted from Ted's SoapBox 2.o for the link...

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Ted said...

When ever I delt with Iranian's on the radio of the ships I was on over there they were usually polite and professional. I am not sure who I would talk to but that was a few years ago. I am sure the situations have changes a lot since then.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4361

Carol said...

Hi Ted,
You are in the unique position of knowing how things are usually done. I am unsure of thw whole scope of the situation...could it be that Bush is spoiling for a fight?

The All Seeing Eye said...

So are you saying this wasn't a provocative act?... Ask those British sailors who were taken hostage?... These actions are just a continuation what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahma(Nut Job) has been doing for a while. Hopefully, people will pay attention to a guy who says his goal is to wipe an entire people on the face of the Earth.

Carol said...

Hi to the 'allseeingeye'
I do indeed think that this was a "provocative act" but I also think that Bush is looking for any reason to engage Iran.

The All Seeing Eye said...

I don't think so, Carol. If it was going to be like LBJ's Gulf of Tonkin incident, then we would already be talking about how long the bombing of Iran was going to last (since it have already started). Remember that Ahma(Nut Job) said his goal in life is to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth (among othe nutty things he has said).

Carol said...

Hello again to allseeingeye,
Interesting that you would compare this to Gulf of Tonkin Incident...I hope you're right and this isn't something fabricated.