Jan 23, 2008

Voice to Page

I just added a voice to page player on the Site. I hope you will take time to record a message or comment. It's free and a great way to make your voice heard :::wink:::
The phone number and pin number is on the player to record your message.

Check it out here

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grottynosh said...

Hi Carol,
Wow, it sure sounds interesting doesn't it :)
Might be worth a shot LOL
Have a wonderful day,

Carol said...

Give it a try Colin. It's a really cool way to actually be able to talk to your Readers. How fun is that!

BillyWarhol said...

Thass kinda c0ol Carol! Will U do the Voice Message for mine!! U have a Classic Clear excellent speaking Voice! ;)) Peace*

Carol said...

Sure Billy, let me know when and where. I just love trying out new things for my Blog)s) so far no messages though :(

Cooper said...

I did a sketchcast with voice post once, it was fun. I'll have to try this soon.

Carol said...

Yeah Cooper it's kinda cool, don't worry I won't start singing or anything :)