Jan 23, 2008

Russia says could use nuclear weapons

Russia is sending a clear message to Bush that if we continue to provoke it's allies they are willing to nuke us.
"But we believe all our partners in the international community should understand clearly and have no doubts that in order to protect its and its allies' sovereignty and territorial integrity, Russia will use its armed forces, including nuclear weapons, and it can do it pre-emptively," says Chief of Staff Yuri Baluyevski
Are you getting it yet Bush?

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wozog said...

As much as I hate Bush as well, I blame Clinton because he was the one who looked the other way and let Bin Ladan grow to power. Great smart blog I will be back, don't visit my site it might be too immature for you. Keep it up!!!

Carol said...

Hi Wozog,
I agree some of this insanity started with and before Clinton but Bush has put the pedal to the metal and we are in a big mess now.
What is the URL to your site? You have my curiosity up!
Thanks for visitng and for leaving a comment.
Hope you stop by often :)

Shinade said...

Well fabulous...Oh my this is truly scary!! sometimes I think Bush set out deliberately to bring America down!!

Carol said...

Hi Jackie,
It is very scary. Happy Belated Birthday my friend :)