Feb 27, 2008

Fed chief tells Congress economic situation is ‘distinctly less favorable’

The Feds are lowering the interest rate again as the economy is "distinctly less favorable.
Let's face it with the economy the way it is, the high cost of food and heating oil and such, is it any wonder that people are holding on tighter to their money?
In my view of it we need to stop importing from other countries and learn to rely on our own people to produce the goods that we currently import. I think we also need to develop alternative sources of energy to end our dependency on foreign oil sources.
What's you view of this?

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1 comment:

Rybu said...

I just watched the Reagan debate where he asked "Are you better off today than you were four years ago". That got me youtubing all sorts of Reagan clips.

Talk about a great communicator. Even if you disagree with his policies Reagan really was a leader you could get behind.