Feb 2, 2008

New England Patriots Accused of Spying - Again?

On the eve of Super Bowl XLII, a published report out of Boston claims that a Patriots employee filmed a Rams' practice prior to beating St. Louis in Super Bowl XXXVI.
The report goes on to say that it is unknown if the cameraman filmed this practice on his own and without knowledge of the Coaches. The whereabouts of the tape is unknown.

WTF! Are they trying to psych out the Pats?
Tom Brady and this Team will not be ruffled by these innuendos and gossip that's for certain.
By the way, if you're a fan of Tom Brady's as I am, go check out Tom Brady's Secrets - hillarious!!

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Shinade said...

I'm not really here. I am merely a figment of your imagination.

I am in fact taking today off...LOL to watch my favorite team...."The Pats" win the super bowl.

Just one more reason for me to love you:):):)

Shinade said...

Go Pats!!!



Carol said...

Hugs Jackie,
I am thrilled that you are a Pats fan too - I knew there was a reason that we have always gotten along so well...LOL!
I have had you Blogrolled on this Site since the day we met silly girl :)