Apr 25, 2008

Consider This

For the last  seven years we have bitched and moaned about Bush's aggressive foreign policy, his secrecy, his partisanship, and his expansive claims on executive power.
Wouldn't things remain pretty much the same with Clinton in Office?
The problems with Clinton is that she's likely to be as bad or worse than Bush on all of those issues.

Obama on the other hand is appealing. I think that Obama’s talk creates a very idealistic picture, but that there is more going on with him that he isn't telling us.

Remember when Bush talked about being a “uniter, not a divider?” He presented himself as  someone who could reach across the isle to work with Democrats. He  said he was “a different kind of Republican.”

Well, we know how that all turned out.

It might piss you off to hear me say that  Obama at times reminds me a lot  of Bush.  I wonder if despite his rhetoric about change and hope if he is able to bring the healing he is talking about.

Both Candidates are well qualified that's a given. We need to start thinking like Republicans.

Who is electable.  Who can win?
 We need to think in terms of who can beat McCain.

That sums it up nicely don't you think?

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vice said...

Why do you always wait until Friday to ask the Monday questions? That's some heavy thought for my wee little mind to comprehend on a Friday night!
Personally, as it stands right now Obama is the only right choice given the options. McCain will be McSame, only worse than Bush. Clinton's ego and hunger for power is down right scary, plus I feel she's going to be owing some markers to the powerful in Washington for the promises she is making.
Although, like I said Obama right now is the lesser of the three evils right now, I still remain uncommited.
I'm still holding out hope for a good third party candidate that will give the dem and repub candidate an honest run for our money.

Carol said...


I was really just thinking out loud. I am only sure of one thing and that is that we can't have another four years of a Republican Presidency. I think Clinton is as bad as Bush and Obama gives me the creeps.

Distributorcap said...

again we are facing -- who is the least creepy.

but my gut (just my gut) keeps saying "say hello to President McCain" -- he is playning the nice guy and anti -bush card just as these two tear each other apart

if mccain wins..... we are beyond screwed. this country will fall apart

the other two -- oh dont get me started

cooper said...

Sadly politicians are...politicians, therein lies the problem.

I feel he is the best choice, and the most electable.

A standard old time liberal Democrat, much more so than Clinton, though it's hard to tell as she had been up and down the line as it serves her.

He has stayed true to his message and only veers when pressured to play the game.

I see him as frustrated with the game, and with the people who don't understand what he is telling them, what he says is truth but it might be his lack of understanding as to how to put the truth which is is his undoing.

It will take years and many administrations to fix what is now broken. I hope it begins with him.

Beaman said...

Unfortunately I'm going to have to disagree with you. I think America needs to remain on a pre-emptive International footing especially regarding the 'War on Terrorism' and I see McCain as the best candidate for this.

Carol said...

Hi Distributorcap,
Unfortunately I think that McCain could very well win this thing, especially since the Dems are so divided. I have to agree with you we are beyond screwed!

Carol said...

Hi Cooper,
I agree with you it is going to take many years for us to 'fix what is now broken' but I don't think we have a chance in hell as long as a Repub is President.

Carol said...

Hi Beamna,
I am not a bit surprised that you disagree with me here, you and I rarely agree but when we do it's awesome :)
McCain would have us keep bases open and active from now to the end of time if he could.
I don't think that this 'war on terror' has gotten anywhere as it's been what six+ years and we are still not stopping the threat.
As always Beaman, it's great to have you visit :)