Apr 27, 2008

A Plan to Ease Your Pain at the Pump?

Gas prices got you down? You're not alone.
The three remaining presidential candidates are talking up their plans on how to get skyrocketing oil prices under control. An article from the Dallas Daily News drew a full tank of clicks as voters read up on which candidate had the best ideas. Whether these ideas do the trick is something we'll have to wait and see. Call me cynical, but it's not like the government is known for working quickly...

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VH said...

All three offer up short term solutions. McCain's idea of suspending the gas tax is the best of the three. Hilbama favoring investigations of price fixing is the biggest load of crap and a waste of time. Energy costs in our country are going to increase from here on in unless REAL changes are made soon. My 2 cents.

Carol said...

Hi VH,
What a pleasure to have you stop by. I agree the Tax Holiday is the best idea and the other two are just playing the blame game. We need long-term solutions ie: less dependancy on foreign oil and perhaps alternative fuels.
Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate that :)