Apr 27, 2008

Pentagon Propaganda & Antiwar Analysts

I found this on: The Nation

The Sunday Times' article detailing the massive, secret coordinated campaign by the Pentagon and all the leading television news channels to sell and defend the administration's Iraq policy is a critical piece of investigative journalism. David Barstow provided meticulous and aggressive reporting, even referencing how The Times'amplified Pentagon "surrogates" without sufficient disclosure for readers. The Times also deserves credit, both for running the lengthy piece and suing the government to obtain related documents. (Read the whole thing here, or try this YouTube excerpt.)

Did you know about this already? I didn't

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Shinade said...

No I did not this specifically. but, I just figure everything we here about this insanity is all a lie anyway. but, then again you know how I feel about our government these days.

And, guess who couldn't stay away any longer?

Yes I am back and currently boring everyone to death with rhyme.

So today I have planned on my agenda to get some pics and do a personal share and update everyone on tom. post.

BTW....Bill is on his way home. Thank god for that,

I have missed you my friend dearly!!


Carol said...

Hey Jackie!
This is great news :) I knew you couldn't stay away LOL!
Welcome back my friend I have missed you too.