Mar 31, 2007

What's Up?

What's up with everyone? Things going good for you? I have two quick questions for you all.

1) Why have you not been adding yourselves to the Blog Roll down at the bottom of the page? It is quick and easy. All you need is the URL for your icon/avatar and the URL of your Site. This is free advertiseing for you so get in gear with that.

2) Why have you not joined in with the 30,000 Bloggers Campaign? We only have like 203 blogs signed up and we need 30,000! There are like 40 million blogs out there in the Blogosphere so let's get a move on with this one please. The Info for that is down at the bottom of the page also and takes like two seconds to do.

Come on People Let's get things shaking out there in the Blogosphere!

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Mark said...

Oh yeah?, I got nuttin'. :)

Actually, I did try to add myself to your plug board a while ago, but for whatever reason was unsuccessful. I'll give it another go.

I say this in a sensitive manner, but looks like it's going to take a while to gather 30K names (of which I've already added myself). Do you think you'll continue to keep that goal or perhaps change it after a period of time?

Oh, btw, you have a misspelling in your post ("Bloggers Campaing"). Sorry, it's the journalist in me that I sometimes let out and play.

Carol said...

Hey Mark! Thanks for letting me know about the typo. I can't stand typos. Please keep trying to add yourself or email me the URL for your Icon and your site and I will try to do it for you. Gonna fix the typo right now. Good to see you visiting!

Carol said...

Oh Mark, I forgot to answer your about the 30,000. First thanks for joining and no I don't think we will be changing it to anything less. I haven't heard that from Brian yet anyway. Please pass the word along for us.