Jun 4, 2007

Wowie - Can you believe this?

A little recognition
cre8Buzz is a thinkin’ blog! At least that is what Ev Nucci at Murphy’s law says. She awarded the buzz a Thinkers Blog award. Then, Divya at Blogging to Fame called cre8Buzz “A Great Blog”.
I am flattered, gittin’ a “Shout Out”. It is a little different. Thanks for the love ya’ll, it’s humblin’.
Ev asked me to give a some love to some blogs that make me think. So, in no specific order 5 blogs I am giving the thinking blog award;
1) The Blog of Kendall
2) Hunter of Genius
3) My View of it
4) Black in Busines
5) The Viral Garden
Enjoy all, and thanks again Ev and Divya. It is an honor to be recognized by ladies of your caliber. Much love and peace!

I was just reading some of my favorite Blogs, just surfing and I found this...Wowie! I am thrilled! Thanks to antman from cre8Buzz

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One Wacky Mom said...

Congratulations Carol! I've wondered where you were and if you were OK! You are fabulous! Lots of love from your most arduous fan, Ev

Carol said...

Hi Ev,
Thanks but I think you had a little something to do with all this :). I am doing well and how about you?

Dave said...

You certainly deserve it! So long as you keep on blogging, I will be here reading! ^^


Carol said...

Hi Dave,
I don't know if I deserve it but I sure was happy to see it! I so much appreciate that you like my Blog and that you always visit and make such well thought out comments. You have certainly enriched my Blogging experience and your Blog always causes me to pause and think.