Jun 12, 2007

Assuming I am Typical

I spent alot of my time today on the Net. Visiting other people's Blogs to be honest, and let me tell you that it was totally aggravating to me.
I will share with you my thoughts as I was reading and trying to Post comments, notice the word "trying".
First I am thinking why the hell do they make the fonts so small. I wear glasses and even those didn't help on some of the Sites I visited and left without reading more than five words.
Then I am thinking, if the Comment needs the Blog Owner's approval before being posted, then why the hell do they use that word verification thingy on top of it? Frankly, that just takes too long and is way to irritating to me so I left some Sites without commenting, Yep, I am guilty of that instant gratification thing - anything over 3 seconds and you've lost me!
Another thing I noticed is that I really didn't bother much with anything that wasn't right there in the first two Posts. If you didn't catch my interest by then, I was gone.
(Reminder to self!)
The last thing that irritated me was some of the really long load times. I have DSL so this should almost never happen, but it did. My View of "It" Load Time is: 0.48 seconds -
If a page doesn't load in 8 seconds you lose 1/3 of your visitors according to Optimal Website Design by Elizabeth McGee
(another note to self)
I was irritated and stopped and decided to write this little Post instead. Do with it what you will.

Really good article: Design Tips: Website Speed Optimization for Dummies

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Zubli Zainordin said...

I am Typical too. No need assuming. I agree with you on every point you raised.

Carol said...

Good Morning Zubli my but it is good to see and hear from you. I was a bit irritated when I wrote this Post. Could you tell?

Dave said...

With me, the biggest detriment is the content.

Paris Hilton goes to jail? I'm gone.

Check out this new tech gadget! I'm gone.

Today I will be talking about my cat. I'm gone.

Make money with your blog! Money money success money money. I am so gone!

There are a lot of blogs that are really about nothing. These people should keep diaries, not blog.

Carol said...

LOL! I know I will sleep better knowing Paris is behind bars! You know Dave I do have a blog about making money :p but there is a method to my madness with that one. I agree, diaries are for private viewing and not for a Blog.
As always, thanks for the visit and your insightful comments. I so appreciate both.

Shazzer said...

Hi Carol! So glad you left a comment on mine! I'm sure you'll get your 10,000th hit in no time! Cheers! --Shazz

Carol said...

Hey Shazzer,
Of course I left a comment on yours you are one of my favorites!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Hi Carol, This is the first post I am making to your blog. You asked me to be your friend and I am LOL even if you dont know me !
I have normal size font I think LOL
I was reading others coments and thought the idea of a blog was to write about what makes the person either who they are , what they have thoughts about or to inform.... I never realized that some may not wish to read those things LOL. oh well your blog is very enjoyable at least for me ..
Sugar Queen

Carol said...

Hi Sugar,
Your Blog has normal fonts and loads just fine. As for subject matter of a Blog - I guess it just depends what the goal is of the person writing it is. Don't let anyone get you down!