Aug 2, 2007

Why Not Impeach?

In the history of this Nation only three Presidents have faced impeachment:

Andrew Johnson- In February 1868 the House voted to impeach Johnson 126-47 even before it adopted any articles of impeachment.
A week later the House passed 11 articles, 8 of them relating to the Stanton dismissal.
Another, in part, maintained that Johnson had criticized Congress in a "loud voice."

Richard Milhouse Nixon - In 1974 the House voted 410-4 to authorize the Judiciary Committee to conduct an impeachment inquiry into the Watergate scandal.
In July 1974, the committee opened its debate, which was watched by a huge television audience.
The committee approved three articles of impeachment charging Nixon with helping to cover up Watergate, abusing his powers and failing to honor committee subpoenas. While the committee was debating, the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon had to release tapes he had withheld.

Bill Clinton - for allegations of purgery, one for obstruction of justice, the other involving abuse of power.
On February 12 the Senate voted 55-45 and 50-50 on the two articles of impeachment preventing Clinton from being removed from office.

Should a man who lied America into an unprovoked, criminal attack that has thus far produced a million deaths, be more favorably treated than a man who lied about his sexual behavior in the White House?
Impeaching Bill Clinton was relatively easy because it didn't really effect anyone but him, no power was threatened in other words.
But in the case of Bush, he is all about power.
We no longer have a Constitution, with its “separation of powers,” because Bush has turned the Presidency into a “unitary presidency” which, in any other society, would correctly be labeled a “dictatorship.” Bush refers to himself as “the decider” and has, on more than one occasion, expressed his preference for a dictatorship, “just so long as I’m the dictator.”
With hardly any objection, Mr. Bush has pretty much ended any pretense of a system of constitutionally-defined government.
So I ask you to explain to me why this man is still in Office?
Why is Cheney still in Office?
Why is there no public outcry to get these fear-mongering, war-mongering abusers of power out of Office?

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