Dec 29, 2007

Pakistan Clashes Kill 38

Mass rioting kills 38 people, causes tens of millions in damage after Bhutto assassination

PHOTOS: Bhutto Killed
PHOTOS: Pakistan Mourns
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VIDEO: Jihadist Intervention
Aides Accuse Gov't of Cover-Up
Alleged Al Qaeda Talk
Bhutto Died of Fractured Skull
U.S. Condemns Assassination
Who Killed Bhutto?

In the end, corruption drives policy. Bush's friend is Musharraf, Clinton's friend was Bhutto. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This should not have come as a surprise to anyone, a woman in power in the Middle East? Unacceptable, especially to Al-Qaeda, if that group did in fact have anything to do with this. In the final analysis, her career was an almost tawdry cycle of exile, house arrest, ascent into power and dismissal, much sound and fury and signifying little. The woman was reckless and careless of the people to be out in public so openly and unprotected so soon after her return...if ever. That's my view of it....

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