Dec 29, 2007

You Rock My Socks Award

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I finally got the coveted You Rock My Socks Award

Original Link : These are the first Christmas for El Gigante Verdoso. And to celebrate, I think it’s a good idea to spread some with my fellow bloggers.

And the You Rock My Socks Award goes to:

0-Cotojo 1-Lisa 2-Kim 3-Deborah 4-Pearl 5-Sandy
6-Jesse 7-Chris 8-Zubli 9-Santa 10-BlogElf
11-Jackie 12-Marzie 13-Adrian 14-Jos 15-NAFASG
16-Polli 17-Sue 18-Kathy 19-Maartje 20-Morgan
21-Greg 22-MaryAnn 23-Eric 24-Hawk 25-Carol
26-Diane 27-EvNucci 28-Surjit 29-Kuanyin 30-ChristyZ
31-Sandee 32-Robin 33-Hanna 34-Maunie 35-Kim
36-Bobby 37-Billy 38-David 39-Jennifer 40-Aryst
41-Winston 42-Christy 43-LilyRuth 44-Jess 45-Rudy
46-Lynda 47-Lili 48-SandyG 49-Ange 50-BlackWyrm
51-Vincent 52-Colin&Anne 53-BlandlyUrbane 54-Marco 55-Mihaela
56-John 57-Aziz 58-Ugyen 59-Lansy 60-Alex
61-Victors 62-Nostalgia 63-Franco 64-Herby 65-Rubie
66-Santaram&BVK 67-Jean-David 68-Namgay 69-Catherine 70-Yunita
71-PJLighthouse 72-Lorimer 73-DreamCatcher 74-Fred 75-Anja
76-MariaLourdes 77-JonB 78-Aayush 79-Denise 80-Dharmendra
81-BrentD 82-Jerry&Daryl 83-BrianB 84-Calvin 85-Pieter
86-Jessica 87-Taflas 88-Alex 89-Norie 90-Justin
91-Ashish 92-David 93-Thanate 94-Kevin 95-Etienne
96-Gerbera 97-Christina 98-AbhishekD 99-Uprai 100-TexasJam
101-Azmiel 102-Daniel 103-Kristin 104-Luwis 105-Adavait
106-NowSourcing 107-BuenAmigo 108-Kiran 109-Peterson 110-Lynn
111-Chessnoid 112-LuisHipolito 113-Joliveira 114-Jennifer&Pete 115-TeamDog
116-Megan 117-Mark 118-Raivyn 119-Mel 120-Andrea
121-Jen 122-Mimi 123-Bobo 124-Lynda 125-DreadBob
126-Julie 127-RennyBA 128-Bobbarama 129-Becky 130-Magdalena
131-Michelle 132-Stacie 133-ClimateTeam 134-CashMarble 135-OilOffShore
136-Jos 137-Piper 138-Barbara 139-Ann 140-Deb
141-Headbanger 142-Danny 143-Morina 144-Aira 145-Jericho
146-Mauro 147-Breigh 148-SecretMind 149-Awannabe 150-Gerri
151-Colin 152-eRocker 153-Kitty 154-Mariuca 155-Donna
156-Babyshern 157-Sanni 158-SatoNa 159-Cyn 160-Nessa
161-Steve 162-Francisco 163-Em 164-Christo 165-Riccardo
166-Naren 167-Denise 168-KingTang 169-El 170-Francesco
171-Bella 172-Chris 173-Fe 174-Jim&Emma 175-Incinq
176-Cristian 177-Matson 178-Kiwipulse 179-Sean 180-Anne
181-Xerendipity 182-Omega 183-Debra 184-SJ 185-Joseph
186-Nikki 187-Pocholo 188-BloggerNoob 189-Filot 190-Aseem
191-Mark 192-Antonio 193-Henry 194-Jamiz 195-Tamsyn
196-EverydayWeekender 197-JustMe 198-Brent 199-Ink 200-Alan 201-Nicole 202-Baby Fiona 203-Kenny 204-GoSmellTheFlowers 205-LiewCF 206-LivingSurfer 207-David 208-Dan 209-Zakry 210-Vincent Chow 211-IxusPhotos 212-Rogue Mei 213-download munkey 214-Crazy News 215-5Xmom 216-HighDenzity 217-Daniel 218-Gabreille 219-Sri 220-Steve 220-DotA 221 - Beth 222- Rod

Thanks to PJ's Lighthouse

Feel free to pass it on whoever you want and add the links you want to the list.

C’mon, let’s rock!

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Anonymous said...

Why thank you, Girly. I reckon that since I still haven't gotten to posting the last award that possibly the time might be over due to git 'er done. I have three to dole out but was waiting until the holidays were over since many are on holiday vacation.

I promise, I'll git 'er done but I still want to wait until everyone gets home, and I know hat they're home safe and sober.

Carol said...

Hi Saboma,
I know these things are hard to keep up with but we do what we can :)
Hope everyone gets back safe and sound in your neck of the woods.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks so much, Carol. What an interesting and animated award. I've never seen one like it!

I hope the new year brings you laughter and love.

Carol said...

Hi Mimi,
it is rather cool isn't it? You deserve it!
Happy and Peaceful New Year to you and yours as well..

RennyBA said...

You Rock - congrats and thanks for the Link Love!

Btw: Sine this is my first visit, may I say hello all the way from Norway and wish you a wonderful New Year too :-)
RennyBA's Terella

Carol said...

Well hello there RennyBA from Norway. Welcome and yes you may :)

Nicocoa said...

that's so sweet.. thank you :)

kim@laketrees said...

thanks for the award Carol....
I was lucky enough to get this from Jos.....and will be pssing it on when my arm is better...
Happy Belated new Year to you ...