Jan 17, 2008

Bush, Bernanke endorse economic stimulus

WASHINGTON - President Bush and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday embraced calls for an economic stimulus package to avert recession. Bernanke said such a plan should be aimed at quickly getting cash into the hands of people, especially those with low and moderate incomes.

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Mikhail said...

This is only the beginning of our demise.

The Collapse
The Collapse-Part II
The Collapse-Part III
The Collapse-Part IV

EuroYank said...

As usual the American "Katrina Free Iraq" Government, TOO LITTLE TOO LATE.
Thanks for the reminder Carol!

Carol said...

Hi Milkhail,
Thanks for the linksm very interesting reading.

Hey Euroyank,
It is you that is the reminder to me of how unbelievably corrupt our Government is!