Feb 1, 2008

Breaking News - Bush says serious signs the economy is weakening

You know the economy is in big trouble when Democrats and Republicans start talking cooperation instead of confrontation.
What about Bush's repeated claim - made most recently in his State of the Union address - that "America has added jobs for a record 52 straight months."
On Friday he said, "A serious matter is that for the first time in 52 months we didn't create jobs."
Quite an about face in a matter of days isn't it?

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Roland Hulme said...

I love the hard-core conservatives who are still, like: "There's nothing wrong with the economy! It's all preachy!"


Love your blog, by the way.

Carol said...

Hi Roland,
I agree the hard-core conservatives will keep denying this until we are all standing in the bread lines.
Thanks for the compliment on the Blog, glad you like it.
Visit often K?

steven wilson said...

This coming from the same president that took 8 years to admit we had a immigration problem.